Why OSHA training is more than being JUST compliant

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I was reading through a lot of emails and other safety related information as a result of School Bus Safety week (3rd week of October). It was good to see focus on safety all around. That made me think does safety mean being compliant to certain regulation / process or more than that? As a school bus business veteran, I still remember that every action or process always started with “Safety First”. So to contribute my two cents, I decided to write about a very important safety topic – OSHA. What is OSHA? For those of you who are not […]

Real Learning vs. Checking the Box

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I was recently working on a consulting engagement and I needed to build some analytics in Excel. Even though I have attended advanced Excel classes, I couldn’t remember much from my training. Guess who came to my rescue… Google. And that made me think; corporate companies spend millions of dollars every year on classroom training. Do these trainings really go all the way to make their employees more productive or are they more like check the box? In this age of internet, everyone is looking for instant, accurate and relevant information, I am not sure we can rely just upon […]

Is Predictive Analytics Really a Magic Wand?

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I recently attended the School Transportation News annual convention in Reno, NV. I was surprised to hear the buzz around telematics and ‘Predictive Analytics’ – promising millions of dollars in savings to customers. For those of you who have not heard the term, here is the simple definition of Predictive Analytics. “Predictive analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing datasets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends” (Source)   But my intent in this article is not to make you an expert on Predictive Analytics (I will defer that for my future articles). I am […]

5 Processes to Improve School Bus Reliability

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Whether it’s 110-degrees of scorching heat in the summer or minus 20-degrees in the winter, we all expect our school buses to show up on time every day. I can say that from personal experience as I send my two kids to school every morning. When it comes to our kids, even 5 minutes of extra wait time can be gruesome. Now, most people may not understand what it takes for the bus to show up at the right stop at the right time. There are approximately 500,000 school buses running every day carrying more than 24 million children from home to […]