ByteCurve enables transportation companies to improve safety, operational efficiency, and compliance by providing effective technology solutions

Key Services

Business Intelligence

Your data should drive your business. Our data analytics engine collects, transforms, and analyzes data from various telematics (GPS) devices, cameras, and other operational systems to provide invaluable insights

Professional Services

Our deep domain experience and technology background makes us the perfect partner to provide technology solutions around operations management (routing, scheduling, dispatch), payroll management, billing, asset management, and safety. ByteCurve also conducts end-to-end assessment of your IT infrastructure and application portfolio in order to help align to your business needs and goals

Learning Management

ByteCurve LMS is our robust, easy-to-use learning management system providing world class training resources to the transportation industry. Our solution is cloud-based, mobile-friendly, and easy to set-up. We offer custom-made training content for drivers, managers, and maintenance technicians for the school bus and transit industries

Why ByteCurve?

ByteCurve’s founders have over 30 years of combined experience in the Transportation industry, with special expertise in the Student Transportation sector. We understand the daily challenges of transporting millions of students to and from their schools safely and on time, with practically no margin for error.

Our solutions and services are designed to address some of these challenges with targeted tools to help you manage your daily operations. Further, with our expertise in analytics, combined with our domain knowledge, we will help you gain invaluable insights on key performance indicators that will translate directly to lower operational costs, improved safety, and more satisfied customers

Our Focus Areas


Injury Analysis, Speeding, DOT Compliance, Accident Analysis, Training, Driver Hiring and Certification

Asset Management

Asset Tracking/Utilization, Fleet Maintenance, Inventory Management, Vendor Management, Warranty, DOT Compliance, Costs, and Technician Productivity


Sales, CRM, Contracts, Pricing, Marketing, Competitive Analysis


Route Planning, Scheduling, Dispatch, Time & Attendance, Idling, Billing, Wage and Hours Analysis, On-Time Performance

Leadership Team

In the News

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